Sutton Churches Tennis Club

Before 1977 there were two separate tennis clubs just off Gander Green Lane, both operated by churches, and separated only by the narrowest of lanes.  Sutton Baptist Lawn Tennis Club occupied the south side and Trinity Methodist Lawn Tennis Club the north side.  The clubs were, of course, great rivals.

However, the very hot dry summers typical of the mid 1970s played havoc with maintaining the courts, and being good Christian folk, the two clubs decided to amalgamate to form the Sutton Churches Tennis Club.

The Club still exists today and has gone from strength to strength.  It is not necessary for tennis club members to belong to one of the churches although SBC and Trinity are still represented among the active players.

There is a full programme of coaching and competition, as well as opportunity for casual play.

For further information please contact Carolyn Graham on 020 8642 3584 or visit