Girls' Brigade

1st Sutton Girls’ Life Brigade Company began on 31 July 1927 with 3 officers and 20 girls.  The aim of the GLB was to win girls for the Lord Jesus Christ and to train them to become useful, responsible Christian women.  In 1965 the company embraced the national change in the organisation when it became The Girls' Brigade with a major change of uniform and badge system.

GB Ministries is part of a global Christian movement with a great history and a passionate vision for this generation and the future - it’s committed to seeing lives and communities transformed and enriched as individuals seek, serve and follow Jesus Christ.

Its work is expressed in various ways, but all with the same aim – that children and young people discover what it means to experience and share ‘life to the full’, an expression Jesus used to explain what happens in our lives as we follow him.

The Girls Brigade is open to girls aged from 4 to 18.  In addition, our younger groups are 'mixed' so boys are welcome too.   We meet on Friday evenings in term time and it would be great to see you!

For further information please contact our Girls' Brigade leader, Carolyn Graham, on 020 8642 3584